World’s longest cable-stayed railway bridge closes in China


BEIJING (China), March 20 (APP): A three-tower cable-stayed heavy
railway bridge closed over Dongting Lake, the second-largest freshwater
lake in China.
The 1,290-meter bridge is designed with a carrying load of 10,000
tonnes, enough to accommodate a fully-loaded train passing at a speed
of 120 km per hour, Chinese newspaper, People’s Daily reported on Monday.
Xu Bin, project manager of China Railway Major Bridge Engineering
Group Co Ltd, said the Dongting Lake Bridge was the world’s longest three-tower
cable-stayed railway bridge. It was also the first time
steel box girders have been used for such a bridge.
The bridge is an important part of the world’s longest heavy-duty
railway for coal transport. The 1,814.5-km railway is still under construction and is
designed to link the coal-rich western Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with Ji’an City
in east China’s Jiangxi Province.
The railway line is scheduled for operation in 2020 with an estimated
investment of 193 billion yuan (28 billion U.S. dollars).
It is expected to be a trunk energy supply channel, linking north and
west China’s energy suppliers with economic powerhouses in the middle and lower reaches
of the Yangtze River. It is designed with an annual transport capacity of over 200 million