RAWALPINDI, Aug 13, (APP): Despite citizens’ protests and repeated complains there was no let-up in the water shortage crisis of the Airport Housing Society and residents
are suffering for conflict of domain and responsibility among authorities concerned .

The crisis that emerged in 2013 forced citizens on a number of occasions to come on the road to lodge their protest but nothing worked for them and it aggravated each passing
day with no solution ever considered.

An annoyed resident Mrs Ansa expressing the grim picture of the situation said, “Sometimes we are not supplied water for three to four days. Migration seems to be the ultimate solution as nothing can be done in years to address the issue and wake up relevant departments.”

Another resident Muhammad Aslam said, “It was quite unfortunate that the authorities concerned could not come up with a solution of years’ old issue and residents have to look for expensive alternative sources to run the wheel
of life.” Rather nobody is ready to own the job and there was a conflict of doamin and responsibility among concerned, he added

A resident Zarina Beghum, in her 70s, said she never imagined in her life earlier that her family has to buy a tanker of water for Rs1500-2000 to meet basic water needs.

Qurat , a student said, that if there was no solution to the issue the authorities at least must rein in tanker mafia to provide water on justified rates.

An official at Housing Society’s office said it was WASA’s responsibility to provide water to the residents. But on the other hand the spokesperson of WASA has different version saying,” This area does not fall under the jurisdiction of WASA. The Housing Society was itself responsible for providing water to the residents.”

The citizens who are suffering due to the conflict of jurisdiction and responsibility of the relevant have demanded of the Chief Minister Punjab to intervene into the issue for its resolution.