Top foreign officials welcomes China’s growing role


ISLAMABAD, Oct 23 (APP):Foreign envoys have lauded the Chinese leadership for its strategic policies that helped the country to accomplish the national goals in regard to economy, modernization and improving the lives of the people while commenting on the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that opened at the great hall of the people in Beijing.
According to China daily, Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary,Tehmina Janjua appreciating the policies of the China said it was quite difficult to achieve what China has achieved with such a big population size to make a leap forward.” China has made that leap. We congratulate its leadership and people for that”, she added.
Italian Ambassador to China, Ettore Francesco Sequi said that “China vision, which has always been a long term, is becoming deeper and wider. I believes that this is very important for ensuring good global governance and an increasing level of responsibility.”
Swiss envoy to China Jean Jacques De Dardel also said that “I started to get to know China at a time when the country still rather reserved in its international relations. But in recent years, China has taken a more active, more visible role to the point that it aims to be one of the global leaders. Switzerland welcomes a more active role by China as a defender of free trade and in the field of climate change”.
Juan Carlos Capunay Peruvian Ambassador to China mentioned that the “Peru believes the Belt and Road initiative is an important process for Latin America because it is not a project that is trying to impose one single economic model. It is based on dialogue and mutual understanding. The most important thing is that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is an equal bank, as contrary to some other institutions where member’s importance depends upon his role, here,one member has one vote, so every one is equal.”
John Mckinnon the new Zealand’s envoy to China said that ” The congress provides a strong sense of direction to where it’s going. Now both China and new Zealand have engaged in the negotiations. We want to make sure the agreement is fit for 2017 and 2018 and the president has been saying this in an important context that gives us confidence,” he added.
Uganda’s Ambassador to China Crispus Kiyonga said ” Every time I travel to China, I find it different. I witnessed how you entered prosperity and how you lifted 660 million people out of poverty. The win win situation of Chinese investment in Africa is based on the general framework of the China-Africa economic relationship. China never attaches any political terms to its economic cooperation and assistance,” he asserted.