Role of educated youth, important in rejection of extremist mindset: President

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ISLAMABAD, March 20 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain on Monday said terrorism can not be eliminated by use of force alone and emphasized on role of educated youth to discourage extremist mindset in the society.
“Educated youth can play a significant role in purifying the society polluted with evils of intolerance and terrorism,” the President said in his address here at the convocation of National University of Modern Languages (NUML).
President Mamnoon Hussain said extremist views develop in a society where its members refuse to accept dialogue and intellectual arguments and adopt violent ways to assert their beliefs.
He said Islam rejects promotion of extremist mindset and encourages a balanced way of life.
He stressed the need for everyone to shun extremist narrative so as to make the country a haven of peace.
The President said Pakistan was blessed with a distinctive geography, which linked many regions and was also a source of connectivity among them.
He said learning of regional languages was a key step in ensuring sustainable connectivity among nations, adding that importance of this fact increased manifold with launch of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.
President Mamnoon said NUML could play an important role in addressing the upcoming linguistic challenges in view of interaction with foreign traders and professionals.
He said opening of NUML’s international campus in China’s city Urumqi would be a significant development in this regard.
Mamnoon Hussain mentioned making cuts in his budget of President House for allocation of grant for the students of Gwadar to learn Chinese language.
He expressed satisfaction that NUML had enhanced its research activities and asked it to further expand linkages with other international universities in Asia and Europe.
The President urged upon the linguistic experts to encourage people of the Silk Route countries to learn each other’s languages.
He said Urdu provides an excellent foundation as many of its words were comprehensible in several countries and suggested that NUML could play an important role in this regard.
He congratulated the graduating students on completion of their courses and expressed confidence that they would come up to the expectations of their teachers and parents in practical life.