PML-N is name of public service: CM

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LAHORE, Oct 29 (APP):Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Sunday said the PML-N was the name of an ideology and public service which had selflessly served people from the last four years.
He said:” It is our agenda to bring betterment in lives
of under privileged people while an independent, prosperous
and strong Pakistan is our destination and the PML-N has
worked with great passion to attain this destination”.
He expressed these views while talking to a delegation
of the PML-N here, said a handout.
The chief minister said that the PML-N was the party which
had made Pakistan an atomic power and it would also make
Pakistan a strong economic power. “We have implemented balanced development strategy from last four years and not only preferred development of urban areas but also numerous development projects had been initiated in rural areas,” he said.
The chief minister said some political opponents
had tried to halt the voyage of progress by their sit-ins and
politics of anarchy but we had continued our way forward.
The chief minister said that those who had
hindered the way of progress were now been exposed before the public.
They had tried to create new Pakistan by hollow
slogans and claims but it had done nothing else than spreading despair among the masses and surely public would now reject their negative politics of blames and chaos.
He said that general elections of 2018 would witness victory
of hardwork, upright, honesty and public service.
He said the government of the PML-N had introduced the
policy of standard, merit and transparency as our development projects were the hallmark of speed, transparency and quality.
He added that even our worst enemies could not bring any
proof of corruption of a single penny in our development