PHF wants PCB to waive off Rs 10 million loan

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ISLAMABAD, Nov 15 (APP): Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) on Tuesday said it wanted the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to waive off the Rs 10 million loan which it took in the year 2000, citing inability to payback the amount.
Talking to APP, PHF Secretary Shahbaz Ahmad Senior said that PCB had recently written a letter to the federation demanding to return of the loan.
“Earlier, PCB had also waived off loans of Shoaib Muhammad (Rs 0.3 million) and Muhammad Yousaf’s (Rs 0.7 million),” he claimed adding then why PCB could not waive off the federation loan.
He said Rs 10 million was not such a big amount for the board.
It may be mentioned here that PCB wants PHF to return the amount in installments.
Although the number of installments is not agreed, but PCB wants to
clear this amount in at least 10 installments.
While, PHF wants PCB to convert the Rs 10 million as a grant like Bangladesh, where government has announced a policy which pushed Bangladesh Cricket Board to give 5 per cent of their income to the national game.