Need to focus on qualifying for WC: Tahir Zaman

Need to focus on qualifying for WC: Tahir Zaman

ISLAMABAD, June 8 (APP): Former Olympian Tahir Zaman wants
Pakistan team to be fully focused on qualifying for the next year’s
World Cup instead of particularly focusing on its clash against
India on June 18 in the World Hockey League (WHL) semifinal.
Though Pakistan cricket team lost to India in the Champions
Trophy clash, but both the traditional rivals will be seen in action
on June 18 in the in Hockey World Cup qualifier in London.
Talking to APP, Zaman said Pak-India matches, in hockey or in
cricket are one of the most profit-making showdowns in the world of
“It will be a game of nerves but I am optimistic that Pakistan
would come out victorious in the match,” he said and added but our
main focus should be to qualify for the World Cup.
“Green-shirts should take each and every match seriously as
last time our team failed to qualify for the World Cup.”
He said though Pakistan did not play well in the series
against Ireland but I am hopeful our team would do well in WHL semi
final and would qualify for the World Cup.
He said Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) is doing all-out
efforts for encouragement and promotion of the game.
“PHF has revived departments like Fauji Fertilizers and ZTBL
who are providing jobs to the players,” he said.
He said in the past players were not provided with jobs
therefore their passion for the game was lessening.
“But now with the current management of PHF’s efforts the
players are fully focusing on the game as they know they would be
provided with jobs,” he said.
He said Pakistan Hockey League (PHL) is the need of the hour
to groom and promote our players. “PHF will hopefully be organizing
the league soon,” he said.