Lok Virsa to pay tribute to folk dance

ISLAMABAD, Aug 8 (APP): Lok Virsa would a tribute to “folk Dance” with a Bharatnatyam performance by Indu Mitha’s on August 10 at Zarsanga Hall.
Lok Virsa is celebrating 70 Years of Pakistan with specially
curated events paying tributes to the intangible cultural heritage of our country including “Dance”, “Literature”, and “Theater”.
Indu Mitha has choreographed more than seventy dances, (both solo and ensemble).
To these she adds a repertoire of yet more items that have
been passed down by tradition. Her professional career now spans over three decades.
Mitha composes and produces the accompanying music for
each dance and designs the costumes as well. She also gives
lectures/demonstrations and workshops at educational institutions, to the general public and works with actors and community activists.
Lok Virsa invited people to celebrate 70 years of
independence, with a scintillating tribute to dance in Zarsanga
Hall, Lok Virsa.