LAHORE, Feb 14 (APP): Federal Ombudsman Salman Faruqui said on Tuesday that his institution redressed 325,000 public complainants during the period of more than three years.
Addressing a press conference here at a local hotel, he said that in past, the ombudsman office used to take a year to redress a complaint, but now the same was being decided in 45 days.
After the amendment in ombudsman law in 2013, he said, it was mandatory to decide complaints and appeals within 60 and 45 days, respectively. In 2014, complaints were decided within 60 days, whereas, complaints were redressed within 45 days in 2015, he added.
For this purpose, he said that special measures were adopted and experienced persons were appointed as investigation officers who redressed 80 percent complaints through meditation. It was the reason that decisions were implemented in a very short time, he added.
The instant disposal of complaints within agencies were introduced in 2016 and complaints were redressed within 15 days through the Instant Redressal System, the federal ombudsman said and added that investigating officers of the federal ombudsman now hear and process complaints at district and Tehsil levels. “Decisions are taken in 25 days time,” he added.
He urged the media to raise awareness among the masses about the role of ombudsman institution, so that more and more people could approach the office for getting remedies of their complaints. In past, 10,000 complaints were being filed in the ombudsman office annually which had now reached to 100,000 but still there was need to inform the masses about the utility of the ombudsman office, he added.
He said that after the intervention of the ombudsman office, a new system was introduced for the payment of pensions which made easy for the retired employees to receive their pension from any bank.
The ombudsman said that extensive measures had been taken to ensure that 8.1 million overseas Pakistanis and their families were facilitated and treated fairly. He said that facilitation desks had been established at all international airport in the country to redress complaints regarding departments and agencies dealing at airports.
He said that various initiatives were also taken for the betterment of prisoners particulary women and children.
He also mentioned that national and provincial commissioners for children were appointed to deal with complains by and on behalf of children.
It was further pointed out that new regional offices of the Wafaqi Mohatasib Secretariat have been opened in Hyderabad, Swat, Hub, Gujranwala, and Bahawalpur to facilitate complainants.