BEIJING, April 16 (APP)::China on Monday rejected the speculations that Sri Lankan Port of Hambantota would be used as a military base in future.
“This is a cooperation project between China and Sri Lanka on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. It is beneficial to local economic and social development and both parties have strong intentions to ensure the smooth progress of the project, spokesperson of Chinese foreign ministry Hua Chunying said during her regular press briefing here.
She said as regards individual speculations from a military or other strategic point of view, “I think there is absolutely no need.”
The spokesperson said regarding the Chinese “One Belt and One Road” initiative and its progress, the Chinese side has emphasized many times on various occasions.
“As you mentioned that some people have different views, I think different people may have different conclusions about the same thing from different perspectives,” she added.
She said the conclusions may be different. “One Belt and One Road” is a sunshine initiative and it is hoped that relevant countries will continue to build the “Belt and Road Initiative” based on the principles of common development, sharing, sharing and sharing, and benefit the people.