CDA ED General Sports becomes PTF secretary

ISLAMABAD, August 1 (APP): President Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) has approved the appointment of Sanaullah Aman as the Secretary of the PTF with effect from August 1, until further notice.
The PTF president has appointed Sanaullah in accordance with the
constitutional authority vested in his office, a statement Tuesday said.
His appointment follows the acceptance of resignation of the former
Secretary Khalid Rehmani, who sadly lost his father earlier, and had expressed an inability to be away from Karachi any more.
The newly-appointed secretary brings with him vast and varied
experiences, in sports, professional management and administration.
Presently, the Executive Director General Sports in the Capital
Development Authority (CDA), Sanaullah has been continuously associated with sports for the last 25 years, having also served as President Pakistan Taekwondo Federation, President of the Pakistan Martial Arts Association, and President of the Islamabad Volleyball Association. His affiliation with tennis and table tennis in the CDA goes back to many years.
As Director Sports of the CDA, he developed five multipurpose grounds, three international level cricket grounds, more than 12 tennis courts in various sectors, and 20 grounds for hockey, football and other sports.
During the period, he master-minded the biggest sports infrastructure in Islamabad, organised more than 50 sports tournaments, including Open Tennis events, City Olympics and Islamabad Sports Festival, the Margalla Sports Festival 10 times, hosting a number of tournaments in each.
He has also served as the chairman, Venue Committee, for the last
Quaid-e-Azam Games organised by the Pakistan Sports Board.
As a professional, his career has been as illustrious, and in the last
ten years, has held vital positions in the CDA, including member engineering, member finance and member environment.
He continues to be a member of the senior administration team of the