Bill moved to bound housing societies for having sewerage system


ISLAMABAD Feb 07 (APP): National Assembly on Tuesday allowed move a bill to bound housing societies to establish efficient system for sewerage water and its reprocessing.
Since the government had not opposed this bill moved by MNA Maj (r) Tahir Iqbal, Deputy Speaker referred the bill to standing committee concerned for deliberation and bring back to the House for legislation.
Pleading in favor of his bill, Maj (r) Tahir Iqbal mentioned to massive growth of housing societies in the vicinity of federal capital and said, it is very rare that any society has evolved any sewerage water treatment mechanism.
He said the societies which are spreading towards Murree, Rawat, Tarnol and other areas are dropping their sewerage water in water courses, brooks and rivers in this area.
He said it becomes hazardous and harmful when the sewerage water mixes with rain water and flows through water courses to our agriculture land and dams that provide drinking water to residents of twin cities.
The member said already Pakistan is spending over Rs 30 billion to treat water borne diseases that occur due to contaminated drinking water.
Tahir Iqbal said the issue needs immediate attention of the government and the House to enact effective law binding housing societies to put in place sewerage treatment plants.