Dry, hot weather forecast

ISLAMABAD, Dec 24 (APP): Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Thursday forecast cold and dry weather expected in most parts of the country during next 24 hours.

According to daily weather report, light foggy conditions would continue over plain areas of Punjab, Peshawar and Sukkur divisions.

Continental air is prevailing over most parts of the country.

Thursday’s temperatures including Kalat, Kalam -12øC, Astore 11øC, Skardu -10øC, Parachinar, Rawalakot -08, Gupis -07, Dir, Dalbandin, Quetta -06, Malamjabba, Muree -05, Abbotabad -04, Gilgit -03.

Islamabad -01øC, Lahore 04øC, Karachi 10øC, Peshawar 00øC, Quetta -06øC, Gilgit -03øC, Chitral -01øC, Hunza -05øC, Muzaffarabad 00øC, Murree -05øC, Skardu -06øC, Faisalabad 03øC, Multan 04øC, Hyderabad 09øC, Dir – 02øC and Kalat -12øC.