PM wishes speedy recovery of Prince Charles, Boris Johnson

ISLAMABAD, Mar 28 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan Saturday wished for early recovery and robust heath of Prince of Wales, Prince Charles and British Premier Boris Johnson, who were tested positives for Coronavirus (Covid 19) infection.

On his twitter account, the prime minister posted “I wish HRH Prince Charles and PM Boris Johnson speedy recovery, good health and long life.”
The prime minister also observed that the deadly virus COVID19 had hit people beyond borders.

“We need an internationally coordinated response to counter it,” he further stressed.

Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, 71, went into self isolation after developing mild symptoms and remained in good health, according to a spokesman of the Clarence House.

While UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson had announced his diagnosis in a video posted on social media and announced to continue to lead the UK government’s efforts from self-isolation in an apartment in the Downing Street.