MULTAN, Jan 28 (APP):Senior PTI leader Jahangir Tareen here on Monday said that a decision on South Punjab sub-secretariat would be taken soon with consensus among all the public representatives from this region.
Addressing the opening ceremony of regional office of Pakistan Bait Ul Maal (PBM) here, he said that the July time line was approaching and he believed that decision should be taken soon with consensus adding that “We have to decide it within next few days” to avoid delay.

Jahangir Tareen said that the party would show unity on the matter.
Later, while talking to media persons, Jahangir Tareen, when asked about his personal opinion about where the sub-secretariat should be established, he said that he had no personal opinion on the matter. He added that decision would be taken with unanimity among all and elected representatives of this area would rise above personal interests for public facilitation.
He said that creation of South Punjab as new province would open new venues of development in agriculture and livestock.
He emphasized the need for improving trade routes among cities and different regions in the country. Giving an example, he said that improving road link between Lasbela and Dera Ghazi Khan would enhance trade activities.
Tareen lauded the establishment of regional office of PBM in Multan saying it was an irony that this regional office had remained operational in Lahore, hundreds of miles away from the people of South Punjab.
This initiative was a part of government’s policy of providing services to the people at their door steps, Tareen said adding that federal government departments’ offices should be set up, wherever these were needed in South Punjab.
He said that the PTI government would seek guidance from senior politicians from South Punjab like Syed Fakhar Imam and others. Young and senior politicians would make Naya Pakistan, he added.
When asked about Sahiwal incident, Jahangir Tareen said that PTI government took swift action by removing senior CTD officials from their posts and formed Joint Investigation Team (JIT) for comprehensive investigation. He added that further action would be taken on the basis of JIT report.