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PESHAWAR, June 18 (APP): Member National Assembly (MNA) of Pakistan Muslim League N, Danyal Aziz Saturday announced to call convention of district government representative and launch an awareness campaign to apprise them regarding their legal rights in the existing setup.

Addressing a press conference accompanied by LG representatives of various political parties , he criticized policies of provincial government in connection with local government and said that the convention would help mobilizing LG representative regarding their position and rights as public representatives.

He informed that with due consultation of all the political parties two petitions have been filed in Peshawar High Court on Police Ordinance 2013 and administrative powers of local government representatives.

He said that PTI government has failed to deliver in the province and making unnecessary interference in the local government system by slashing budget of LG representatives adding the budget has been unlawfully utilized by MPAs of PTI.

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He said that PTI has failed to fulfill its pledge to end corruption in 90 days while its own parliamentarians expressed their concerns over the existing corruption in KP province.

He said that former Provincial Minister Ziaullah Afridi has been put behind the bars for highlighting corruption in the province led by PTI. He also criticized PTI for dealing former Chairman Ehtisab Commission General Hamid Khan.

Danyal Aziz said that inquiry report regarding affairs of Bank of Khyber was not yet known to public while illegal appointments have been made in the bank for political motives. He said that 26 peoples were killed during local bodies; elections but the provincial government did not take any measure to identify the culprits of the killings.

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He said that we are not fighting for political scoring but launched a struggle for the rights adding if PTI has proofs they should file petitions in courts.

He also lambasted PTI saying KP government approved 62 power generation projects claiming to produce 2600 MW energy but nothing substantial has been done in this connection.
Danyal Aziz said that Imran Khan should furnish the list of cases in

Ehtisab commission and present its own accounts of off shore companies. He also rejected claims of PTI government regarding decrease in crime rate and said that ration of crimes have been increased in KP.