PM appearing before JIT in deference to the SC and for upholding the constitution: Marriyum

APP54-12 ISLAMABAD: June 12 - Minister Of State for IB&NH Marriyum Aurangzeb talking to media. APP

ISALAMBAD, June 12 (APP): Minister of State for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb talking to the media men here Monday said that the Prime Minister was appearing before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in deference to the orders of the SC, to uphold the law and constitution and to honour the trust of the people who had thrice elected him as the Chief Executive of the country.
The Minister of State observed that the Prime Minister not only
presented himself for accountability but also his children and three generations of the Sharif family,notwithstanding certain reservations
about the JIT and the fact that his sons were non-residents of the
country and he had nothing to do with the business run by his late
father Mian Sharif.
She said that it was a ranting testimony to their respect for law
and the constitution.
Marriyum remarked that the Prime Minister himself had requested the
SC for the formation of a judicial commission to hold a probe into the Panama Leaks.
The minister pointed out that when the Panama Leaks surfaced, the
ICIJ which made this revelation, on its website apologized and stated
that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had nothing to do with the reported scandal.
She said that the entire nation was aware of the fact that Prime
Minister Nawaz Sharif had dissociated himself from the federal government when a calculated attempt was made to deprive the judiciary of its constitutional status through Dogar Court.
She said that undeterred by the imposition of Governor Rule in
Punjab and having him declared disqualified for life by the Dogar Court,
he on his own led a successful long march for the restoration of the
respect and dignity of the judiciary.
The movement that he spearheaded was not for clinching political
power or having his ineligibility for Premiership revoked but for
upholding the rule of law in the country and restoring the sanctity of higher judiciary, she said.
Marriyum said that the Prime Minister had decided to make an
appearance before the JIT even before the summons were issued. She said that when the Prime Minister wrote the letter to the SC for the formation of judicial commission or JIT, he implemented the decision the same day.
The Prime Minister, she said, right from the beginning he had made a
commitment that whenever the SC would summon his children according to the law and constitution, they would appear before the court.
The minister said that the Prime Minister and PML-N believed in
upholding the sanctity of the Constitution of Pakistan and had never
shied away from the courts as and when required, like some people who in the past did not appear before the courts on different pretexts like back pain, heart pain, mental stress and security reasons.
Marriyum emphatically said that she was proud that Prime
Minister Nawaz Sharif upheld the law and Constitution of Pakistan, adding she was also proud of the fact that Pakistan had a democratically elected Prime Minister and democracy was gaining strength, which was a good news for the people of Pakistan.
The minister said those who were using the social media did not have
the courage to face the nation. Referring to Imran Khan, she said, “He
tweets and goes on social media while sitting in a room, uses public
resources while sitting atop mountains and claims that he compelled the
Prime Minister to appear before the Supreme Court.”
She said that Imran Khan was a proclaimed offender from an
anti-terrorism court and an absconder from the Election Commission as
well as the Supreme Court.
The minister said that because of his lies and politics of allegations
and his incessant attempts to ridicule the constitutional institutions,
the people of Pakistan would take him to task in elections. Imran Khan
will again be on the roads built by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and
the bad memories of his irresponsible actions would haunt him for the
rest of his life, she concluded.

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