Nobody can deprive masses from right to rule: Nawaz

APP28-11 GUJRAT: August 11 – Former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif addresses a public gathering during a rally from Islamabad to Lahore. APP photo by Asim Abbas Shigri

GUJRAT Aug 11 (APP): Former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on
Friday said right to rule rests with the masses and everybody should respect
sanctity of vote.
“Mockery of sanctity of vote should come to an end now. It is the
will of the people that should prevail to elect their representatives
and give them chance to serve them,” he said addressing a mammoth rally.
Thousands of supporters and party workers thronged to roads to
listen to their leader in scorching heat as their enthusiasm was worth
seeing who were carrying banners, placard and posters, bearing slogans
and picture of their leaders.
They have been waiting for hours in humid weather, their leader
who after deposition for the third time had decided to go to his voters
and take them into confidence on events that led to his disqualification.
“It is unfortunate that for the last 70 years the mandate of masses
had been mocked and no Prime Minister in the country could complete
tenure in the government,” he said.
Nawaz Sharif said after coming to power fulfillment of promises
was his prime priority but he was not allowed to fulfill this agenda.
“I promised you to end loadshedding, create jobs, revive economy and
carry forward development. But, once again I had been dethroned and
was not given time to serve you.”
He said with the steps taken by his government load shedding
had decreased and CNG was available at stations, tube wells were
irrigating agriculture land and jobs were being created under the
game changer dynamic CPEC.
“I struggled for progress and fulfillment of promises made to you.
Had I been not disqualified, situation would have changed,” he added.
Sharif said this trend of sending home, the elected Prime Ministers
should end now as he questioned, “why I was sent home when there was no
corruption charge against me. Could I be disqualified for not getting
salary from my son’s company.”
Nawaz said there was no charge of corruption, kick backs or
commission against him, then why he was disqualified. “If loadshedding
dwindled in my tenure and peace was restored in Karachi, FATA and
Balochistan, then is it a crime.”
The culture of ‘Might is Right’ can no more survive in the country
as he sought masses support to change this culture who reciprocated
in the same spirit.
He said his government successfully struggled against menaces like
energy crisis, terrorism, unemployment and ushered an era of peace and
prosperity in the country.
He reiterated that with the support of people, he would continue
struggle against problems haunting the people as it a matter of their
prestige and sanctity of their vote.
Nawaz Sharif saluted people for their love and affection for him
and promised to continue struggle for their betterment and national