ISLAMABAD, Dec 14 (APP):Federal Minister for Hosing and Works Chaudhary Tariq Bashir Cheema Friday said no housing project has been initiated as yet in Gawader as the government of Baluchistan has not provided any state land in this regard.Speaking in the Senate during question hour session, he said
that Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation (PHA-F) Ministry of Housing &
Works has taken up a case with the provincial government for provision of land
for construction of low cost housing scheme in Gawader. The reply is still
awaited, he added.
He said that the PHA-F has the capacity and expertise to
start low cost housing project in Gawader, if land is provided.
Replying to a question, he said all the rooms in Federal
Lodges (Qasr-e-Noor) Karachi have air conditioning facility.
He said that total number of AC’s installed in the lodges
was 97 adding the project of the AC installment was completed
through contract and department labors.
Replying to another question,the minister said that the first
phase for the construction of 120 D & E type apartments in Wafaqi Colony
Lahore was started in January 2009 with completion period of two years
and 2nd phase for construction of 48 D&E type apartments was started
in October 2010 having completion period of also two years.
However, due to some major reasons including court stay
orders, interference by local residents, delayed provision of Electricity by
LESCO, sewerage disposal issue by WASA, non availability of funds, work
remained suspended for two years due to Inquiries, the projects could not be
completed within stipulated time period.
At present, he said, all the above mentioned issues have been resolved
and possession of 152 apartments out of 168 has already been offered to their
respective allottees. The possession of remaining 16 apartments shall be offered soon, he added.
Replying to another question, he said that it is anticipated
that the construction of category-I houses will be completed by the end of
December 31, 2018 , the category-II houses will be completed till end January,
2019 and category-Ill houses will be completed till march 31, 2019.
The delay has been caused by different extraneous reasons
including encroachment of land at site, court cases, political disturbances and
inclement weather conditions, he told senate.
Now Work on provision of Electricity by IESCO is in progress
i.e. installation of 13 out of 27 transformers are completed and lying of HT/LT
cable are 80 percent completed within project premises, he informed.
The task is expected to be completed by January, 2019, he
said adding that PHA-F and IESCO are putting all out efforts to assure supply
of electricity before January, 2019.

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