Kobler sets new trends of diplomacy in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, April 10 (APP):The outgoing German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler has written a new chapter in the diplomatic history through public friendly initiatives and direct interaction with the common people.

The ambassador, who departed for his home country on Wednesday, will always remain in the hearts of Pakistanis as he has thousands of fans across the country. He is followed by over 238,000 on the social media.

Paying tribute to Ambassador Kobler, senior journalist Muhammad Majid Jarral said he was a man of noble character and a kind-hearted person. The people like Kobler were a blessing for the society.

On his departure, he himself could not control over his emotions and poured out his heart through a video clip, uploaded on his Twitter account that he was leaving the country with a heavy heart as he had a wonderful time while discharging his professional obligations as well as private life in Pakistan.

He reiterated that during his stay, besides discovering so many beauties of the country, he discovered the people of Pakistan.

He said he loved to come back to Pakistan but as an ordinary tourist to cherish the most beautiful moments of his life once again.

Ambassador Kobler has acquired a peculiar place in the hearts of Pakistanis as thousands of people from all walks of life expressed their feelings on their Twitter handle over his departure to Germany.

Majority of the people termed him the “best-ever ambassador to Pakistan”.

During his stay here, Ambassador tried to project the soft image of Pakistan. He made frequent visits to public places in congested areas of cities and the scenic northern areas, dining at small hotels and attending folk festivals, and then sharing the details with the world through social media that Pakistan was a peaceful country and its people were loving and hospitable.

In his farewell message, he wished a good future particularly to the young generation of the country.

His emotional attachment with Pakistan can be witnessed from the fact that he recorded his farewell message wearing black a Sherwani.