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MUZAFFARABAD, Aug 21 (APP): The Minister for Information Azad Jammu and Kashmir Mushtaq Minhas has said that Kashmir freedom moment was the utmost priority of PML-N government and all available resources would be utilized in this regard.
He said while talking to journalists here on Sunday, adding he said the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has brought the Kashmir issue on limelight on international level with a great sagacity.
He said the Kashmir and Pakistan were the part and parcel for each other and no power on earth could separate them from one another he added.
While terming Indian Prime Minister Narrindar Modi as assassinator of the humanity and black spot for democracy, he said that his hands were tinted with innocent people in Kashmir and India as well.
He said that we will prove that Kashmiri and Pakistan people were like heart and soul while marking the black day against the statement given by Modi about Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Bultistan and Kashmiris will express their hatred against Indian regime elsewhere in the world he added.
He demanded to UN and international community to take concrete steps to stop India from perpetuating gross human violations in IOK and give Kashmiris their right as envisaged in UN charter and Un resolutions.