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ISLAMABAD, Nov 24 (APP): India should not take Pakistan’s desire for peace as a weakness as country’s armed forces were fully prepared to counter any threat to its sovereignty and integrity, a senior security official said Tuesday.

“India is involved in terrorist attacks in Pakistan … but we are alive to this threat and our security forces and the brave people of Pakistan are fully determined to foil nefarious designs of the Hindu extremist regime,” the official said while talking to a select group of journalists here.

Speaking on the acts of terrorism in the country, he said New Delhi was not only hell bent on creating instability and insecurity inside Pakistan but was also endangering the regional peace.

“India is involved in terrorist attacks in Pakistan … and our security forces and people of Pakistan are FULLY determined to foil nefarious designs of the Hindu extremist regime”

The security official said the dossier unveiled by Islamabad recently contains “irrefutable evidence” of India’s sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan. He said the dossier extensively documents India’s active planning, promoting, aiding, abetting, financing and execution of terrorist activities against Pakistan. He said India was secretly financing terrorist organizations based outside Pakistan to carry out attacks to impede CPEC’s implementation.

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The official said the world cannot afford to ignore India’s rogue behavior anymore, and added that Pakistan’s armed forces reserve the right to defend the country in every possible way.

He said Pakistan has already been highlighting India’s terrorist activities at different levels and forums. He said the world needs to confront India’s “ideology of hate”, just as it has confronted the despicable acts of ISIL and Al-Qaeda and their associated terrorist groups.

The security official said India’s Hindu supremacist organizations, especially the fascist RSS, has for decades preached violent suppression of 180 million Muslims within India.

“India has used terrorism as an instrument of its coercive policies against every one of its neighbors also. Over the last decade, thousands of Pakistanis have been killed or injured as a result of such Indian-sponsored terrorist attacks,” he added.

“India has used terrorism as an instrument of its coercive policies against every one of its neighbors”

He said state terrorism in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir was one such glaring example of India’s fascist policies. However, he maintained, all such tactics have done little to frustrate the indigenous and legitimate struggle of Kashmiris for their inalienable right to self-determination.

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“No amount of extra-judicial killings in fake encounters will be able to diminish Kashmiris’ desire for freedom,” he said.

The international community should seek to prosecute Indian civil and military personnel involved in state terrorism, war crimes and crimes against humanity, he maintained.

“Pakistan’s resilient and strong security agencies and armed forces remain committed to protect its people and land,” he concluded.