India created war-like situation to disguise atrocities in occupied Kashmir: SCBA president

LAHORE, Oct 4 (APP): President Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Syed Ali Zafar said on Tuesday that India created war-like situation and propagating falsely to hide atrocities in occupied Kashmir, causing damage to China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and please extremist elements in the Modi government.
Addressing a joint press conference of lawyers’ bodies here, he urged the international community to take notice of false propaganda by India and atrocities in occupied Kashmir.
He said the Modi government had initiated a hybrid war. “On one side, there is a clamour of surgical strike and on the other hand, a propaganda war has been ensued through media”, he added.
He said that India had adopted a cold war strategy and as a first step, it wanted to isolate Pakistan.
Ali Zafar said that he wanted to tell the international community that Indian propaganda against Pakistan was false whereas Pakistan was also a victim of terrorism.
He said that Indian threats of blocking Pakistan’s water was aimed to create economic turmoil in the country and it would not only a violation of Indus Waters Treaty but also a crime against the humanity.
He said the surgical strike propaganda, which proved false, was an attempt by India to observe the response of international community.
“However, the silence of international community is regrettable”, he added.
He said, “We should be prepared for such a hybrid war and it would be fought in media”.
He said that Indian people were peace loving and they should stand against Modi government to stop it from committing violations of fundamental rights of Kashmiris.
Ali Zafar said that it was a test case for the government and country’s leadership.
He said that lawyers stood with the government and the army against any conspiracy or threat to the country.
He appreciated the federal government for holding a meeting of parliamentary parties’ leaders on Kashmir issue and current border situation.
“It give a clear message to the world that the whole nation stand united for the defence of Pakistan”, he added.
Ali Zafar forwarded three proposals to deal with the current situation.
He said that Indian threats of blocking water of Pakistan was a state terrorism and the issue should be taken up with United Nations and international tribunal.
He said that a case should be moved with the United Nations over the violation of fundamental rights in Indian occupied Kashmir with documentary proofs and the government should sent delegations to international human rights forums to highlight the issue.
He said that international media especially Russian and Chinese media should be used for dealing with current situation.
He said that all lawyer bodies would hold a joint meeting on October 7 and stage a protest rally.
Lahore High Court Bar President Rana Zia Abdur Rehman, Lahore Bar Association President Arshad Jehangir Jhoja, Lahore Tax Bar President Farhan Shahzad also spoke on the occasion.