COVID-19 claims 48 lives, infects 1,772 more in last 24 hours

ISLAMABAD, Dec 04 (APP):The total active COVID-19 cases in Pakistan on Friday were recorded 51,507 as 3,262 more people tested positive for the deadly virus during the last 24 hours.

Fifty Five corona patients, 49 of whom were under treatment in hospital and six out of hospital died on Thursday, according to the latest update issued by the National command and Operation Centre (NCOC).

No COVID affected person was on ventilator in Balochistan, while 331 ventilators were occupied elsewhere in Pakistan, out of 1,751 allocated for COVID-19 patients.

Some 44,627 tests were conducted across the country on Thursday, including 13,339 in Sindh, 18,262 in Punjab, 5,455 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), 5,805 in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), 540 in Balochistan, 403 in GB, and 823 in AJK.

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Around 350,305 people have recovered from the disease so far across Pakistan making it a significant count with over 86 percent recovery ratio of the affected patients.

Since the pandemic outbreak, a total of 410,072 cases were detected so far, including AJK 7,151, Balochistan 17,333, GB 4,692, ICT 31,639, KP 48,264, Punjab 121,753 and Sindh 179,240.

About 8,260 deaths were recorded in country since the eruption of the contagion, including 2,983 Sindh among 11 of them died in hospital and four out of hospital on Thursday, 3,115 in Punjab 23 of them died in hospital and one out of hospital on Thursday, 1,389 in KP 11 of them died in hospital on Thursday,

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332 in ICT among three of them died in hospital on Thursday, 169 in Balochistan, 98 in GB one of them died in hospital on Thursday and 174 in AJK one of them died in hospital on Thursday.

A total of 5,672,166 corona tests have been conducted so far, while 617 hospitals are equipped with COVID facilities. Some 2,932 corona patients were admitted in hospitals across the country.