Speaker paid glowing tributes to Syed Ali Gilani at inspirational seminar

ali gilani
MUZAFARABAD, Sep 06 (APP):In a seminar held at the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (UAJK), speakers paid glowing tributes to the late Kashmiri leader, Syed Ali Shah Gilani for his life-long struggle to liberate his fellow Kashmiris from the foreign subjugation.
The seminar, held in connection with the second death anniversary of the illustrious Kashmiri leader, was organized in collaboration with the Youth Forum for Kashmir (YFK), an organization dedicated to the protection of human rights in the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir, said a press release.
Prominent figures from the All Parties Hurriyat Conference, including Ghulam Muhammad Safi, Vice-Chancellor of UAJK, Prof Dr. Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi, and other distinguished scholars, addressed the gathering.
Ghulam Mohammad Safi, a keynote speaker, highlighted Syed Ali Gilani’s unparalleled legacy as a politician, Islamic scholar, and fearless advocate for the rights of the Kashmiri people, particularly their right to self-determination. Safi underscored how Gilani’s unwavering commitment to the freedom of his people endeared him to the masses in Kashmir.
Safi drew a comparison with another Kashmiri leader, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, who struggled for plebiscite in Kashmir for 22 years but compromised his stance to become a puppet Chief Minister of the occupied territory. Safi declared that Syed Ali Gilani’s memory would endure in the hearts and minds of Kashmiri people for generations.
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Kaleem Abbasi praised Syed Ali Gilani’s unwavering dedication to his principles and his belief in United Nations Security Council resolutions as the ultimate path to garner international support for Kashmir. Abbasi urged students to follow in Gilani’s footsteps by bolstering the struggle for the self-determination of the Kashmiri people.
Distinguished scholar and journalist Syed Arif Bahar highlighted various aspects of Syed Ali Gilani’s life, emphasizing his inspiration from the ideologies of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Syed Maududi. Bahar stressed that without Gilani’s visionary leadership, the Kashmir Freedom movement could have faced a fate similar to the struggle for the liberation of Palestine after the Camp David Accord.
Zaman Bajwa, Executive Director of the Youth Forum for Kashmir, proposed establishing a Syed Ali Gilani Corner at UAJK to educate the new generation about his life, struggles, and sacrifices. He emphasized that Syed Ali Gilani’s name resonated not only in occupied Kashmir but also in Azad Kashmir and across Pakistan due to his unwavering commitment to the Kashmir cause.
Dr. Mahmood Hussain, Coordinator of the Department of International Relations at the University of Kashmir, delivered opening remarks, highlighting various facets of Syed Ali Gilani’s personality and stressing the importance of recognizing the contributions of leaders dedicated to the Kashmir freedom movement.
Sardar Zafar Iqbal, Additional Registrar at UAJK, praised Syed Ali Gilani’s unique contributions and steadfast commitment to the Kashmir liberation cause, contrasting him with leaders like Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and emphasizing Syed Ali Gilani’s enduring legacy.
During the seminar, lectures delivered by Dr. Madeeha Shakil and Dr. Imtiaz Awan underscored Syed Ali Gilani’s pivotal role in the success of the Kashmir freedom movement and the contemporary relevance of his message.
Dr. Syed Mujahid Gilani, President of the Youth Alliance for Kashmir, delved into various aspects of Syed Ali Gilani’s life and underscored his profound impact on today’s youth. Sardar Amir Parvez, representing the National Defense University Islamabad, acknowledged Syed Ali Gilani’s exceptional sacrifices.
Raja Faisal, a prominent anchor from Pakistan Television, urged participants to contribute to Syed Ali Gilani’s legacy by exposing India’s false narrative and human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir through effective media and communication.
The seminar also featured the screening of a documentary film showcasing Syed Ali Gilani’s life and struggle, which received resounding praise from the participants.
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