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BEIJING, May 27 (APP):Nearly 100 Pakistani students studying in different Chinese universities have expressed their opinions over Chinese President Xi Jinping’s warm reply to a letter from Pakistani students at Beijing University of Science and Technology.
A few days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a letter to Pakistani students at Beijing University of Science and Technology with a warm response.
Since the reply, nearly 20 universities, including Peking University, People’s University, Shanghai University, Jiangsu University and Overseas Chinese University, have been carrying out activities, and nearly 100 Pakistani students from different universities have expressed their opinions, China Economic Net reported here on Wednesday.
Pakistani doctoral student Hamid Muhammad insisted on staying in school to complete his thesis during the epidemic. After reading President Xi’s letter to the majority of international students in China, he said with excitement: “I have always regarded China as my second hometown, and I am very proud of having such a hometown. I am a big fan of President Xi. He treats his own people and foreigners in China equally, and he is very excited about his concern.”
Dr. Yassin from the School of Earth Sciences at Peking University also chose to stay in school during the outbreak. President Xi said in his letter that life is paramount, whether it is Chinese or foreign personnel in China. The Chinese government and the Chinese people will treat and care equally. In this regard, Yassin felt deeply:
“It can be said responsibly that we made the right choice (to stay in China during the epidemic). The Chinese government and Peking University gave us the best care.”
Some Pakistani students at Shanghai University also chose to stay in China during the outbreak. It has been three years since Majid Riaz, a Pakistani graduate student in mechanical and electrical engineering, came to China. When he read President Xi’s letter, he felt proud and honored as a Pakistani student. Riaz said that Pakistan and China are not only friends, but more like brothers. “Especially in this epidemic, the Chinese government takes care of us like its own people. I feel the love and respect of the Chinese people for the Pakistani people.”
Another student, Khan Aysha said: “Even in such a major crisis, I never felt that I was in a foreign country.”
A Master student Ali at Sichuan Agriculture University is very grateful to China: “In China is like being at home I feel safe as well, and the preventive measures you take to ensure everyone’s safety have left a deep impression on me.”
At Zhejiang Ocean University, three Pakistani students spontaneously responded to President Xi’s reply. Since he was a child, Ali listened to his grandfather about Sino-Pakistani friendship. These stories guided him to study in China. Four years later, Ali is about to end his study abroad in China. After reading President Xi’s letter, he said emotionally that after returning to Pakistan, “I will tell all Pakistanis what I have seen in China.”
“Three years ago, Khan came to study in Zhejiang Ocean University from Pakistan alone. Now, he has integrated into China. As President Xi Jinping said in his letter to international students, Khan has not only learned a wealth of knowledge in China, but also made many Chinese friends. He is about to graduate and intends to continue to pursue a doctorate in China.
“Habib of Zhejiang Ocean University became involved in China because of Chinese kung fu. He even gave himself a Chinese name- “Li Lianjie”. After reading President Xi Jinping’s reply, Habib said that President Xi’s reply inspired him and other young Pakistanis to learn Chinese and inherit the Pakistan friendship. As a young man in Pakistan, he will take learning Chinese and spreading Chinese culture as his lifelong pursuit.
After reading the reply, 11 Pakistani students from Hunan Vocational College of Chemical Technology stated that China and Pakistan have always stood together. Among them, a student Usama said: “I respect President Xi Jinping’s words very much, and his words are warm!”
Pakistani students Malik and Nabira enjoy scholarship funding from the Chinese government and are pursuing a doctorate at Lanzhou University. After reading Xi’s reply, they extended their greetings and thanks to President Xi: “Thanks to China for giving us such a good learning opportunity, and also to China for helping Pakistan fight the new coronavirus. We Pakistanis are extremely grateful to China and the Chinese people, and also firmly support China.
In addition, there are Pakistani agricultural engineering Ph.D. Gu Lan from Hohai University, Kashan of Tianjin University, Qu Yuan and Xiaolong of Jiangsu University, and Pakistani Chinese student of Northeastern University Sharman, Inner Mongolia, Said of National University, Jia Tingshan of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, Zishan and Iljin of Xidian University, Sarah and Ali Khan of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Pakistani student Hamza of Wuhan Textile University, Southwest Jiaotong University, a doctoral students Hisham and Sumer of the School of Economics and Management, Cocoa and Gole of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kamran, Bilal and Annan of Xi “an Petroleum University.”
Every Pakistani student who comes to China has a story of his connection with China. They are scattered in all corners of China. President Xi Jinping’s concern for Pakistani students studying in China not only reflects the strong foundation of Sino-Pakistani friendship, but also strengthens the determination of Chinese and Pakistani youths to jointly build the Belt and Road Initiative.
As Nabira of Lanzhou University said, “China is our second hometown. We Pakistani children studying in China will become messengers of Sino-Pakistani friendship and contribute our lifelong strength to the construction of the Silk Road Economic Corridor and use our efforts to nourish our role in the Chinese education system.”