Pakistani jewelery, carpets, handicrafts displayed during Pakistan Cultural Week

Localization key to success for high-end Pakistani handicrafts in Chinese market
Localization key to success for high-end Pakistani handicrafts in Chinese market

SHANGHAI, June 19 (APP): Pakistani jewelery, carpets, home-textile, handicrafts, footballs and other products have been displayed during Pakistan Cultural Week being held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.

Consulate General of Pakistan, Shanghai and Hongqiao Pinhui Shanghai jointly organized the cultural week which will last until June 24.

This cultural week focuses to showcase different Pakistani products including jewelery, carpets, home-textile, handicrafts and footballs etc.

The event will enable Shanghai citizens to appreciate charm of Pakistan’s culture without leaving Shanghai.

Among many exhibitors, a Pakistani Jewelery Brand WINZA, CEO, Aqeel Ahmed Chaudhry showcased high couture jewelry collection of diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

As an exhibitor of China International Import and Expo (CIIE) for two consecutive years, WINZA has signed up to participate in the fourth CIIE in 2021, and the booth area will double that of previous years.

Hongqiao Pinhui and WINZA signed an agreement of intention for future brand cooperation and outlet opening.

According to Aqeel Chaudhry, Hongqiao Pinhui, as an important functional platform for building Hongqiao International Open hub and the main platform for Shanghai to undertake the role of one-stop trading service main platform for CIIE exhibitors.

It will take multiple measures to broaden the sales channels of imported goods, and to precisely connect the upstream and downstream, to establish connection between buyers and sellers, and help more Pakistani products enter the Chinese market.

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