ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (APP): A spokesman of the National Highway
Authority Tuesday clarified that NHA Chairman Shahid Ashraf Tarrar has
never told the Senate Standing Committee on Communications that no
allocations had been made for western route of China-Pakistan Economic
Corridor (C-PEC).
In a statement, the spokesman said that the new item carried in
the section of the press itself had the details that the NHA
Chairman informed the committee that two allocations of Rs 10
billion each had been done for western alignment of the C-PEC.
Moreover the spokesman also dispelled the impression given by a
section of the media that so far work had not started on the western
route of the corridor and added that construction work on all
alignment of the C-EPC had started simultaneously.
He said that the present
government had several times clarified the matter but through a
conspiracy efforts were being made to sabotage the project. He urged
both print and electronic media not to publish and telecast such
baseless news items.