Karot hydropower project to bring clean, affordable electricity to over five million residents: Ambassador

BEIJING, Jul 21 (APP): Pakistan Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque said on Thursday that the Karot hydroelectric power project would bring clean and affordable electricity to more than five million residents in Pakistan, create thousands more jobs locally, and help the country accelerate its green development.

“Karot hydropower project is extremely important project because it was the first hydro project under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) energy cooperation,” he said in an interview with CGTN Radio.

He said that the Karot hydropower project had been recently started its commercial operation. Its construction was started five, six years ago and it is complete.

“It was quite a challenging project because of the mountainous terrain, so I must convey my appreciation and praise to the China Three Gorges Corporation, its workers and engineers for executing as it is very difficult but engineering marvel,” he added.

Ambassador Haque said that the project would create about 720 megawatt energy which means around 3.2 billion kilowatt of energy annually so it will address the needs of important needs of energy and benefit about five to six million people.

He said that Karot hydropower clean energy would help in reducing of about 3.2 million reduction of carbon Co2 tons of emissions annually.

So it’s in that respect it will help in the clean development of Pakistan.

And then of course, it is going to generate employment in the region. About five to 6000 people are going to benefit from direct and indirect employment.

“So overall, I think it’s extremely important project and we really thankful to the Chinese government, Three Gorges Corporation for executing this important project,” he added.

The Karot hydropower project started commercial operation in last June. With investment from and developed by China Three Gorges Corporation, it is the first hydropower project under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).