Islam, Ummah have nothing to do with terrorism: Imam e Kaaba

MAKKAH (Saudi Arabia), Sept 11 (APP): Imam e Kaaba Sheikh Abdul
Rahman Al Sudais said Islam and Muslim Ummah had nothing to do with terrorism, which had become main problem for the world.

He was delivering his sermon from Masjid Nimra before an
audience of 1.5 million Muslims gathered at Mount Arafat as part of
the ritual of annual Haj pilgrimage.

The Imam said Islam could not be linked with terrorism and those,
who spread anarchy, should be brought to justice.

“A person who saved one life saved the whole humanity and a
person who killed one person killed the whole humanity,” Imam e
Kaaba quoted from the Quran while urging Islamic scholars to create
an atmosphere of peace and love.

He said Ulema were the successors of Prophets and
urged them to stop people from violence and terrorism and preach
true teachings of Islam.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman said Muslim scholars should get close to
people and treat them in an amiable way.

He advised Muslims not to indulge in sectarianism and keep
unity in their ranks and should not be fearful and sorrowful.

“Hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not
become divided.”

He stressed that Muslims were like one body and they should be
united like a sold wall.

Muslims should be together for spreading goodness and stopping
sinful ways. It was responsibility of Muslims to keep justice in the
world, he added.

Imam e Kaaba said Muslims had an obligation towards their
relatives and neighbours.

“Respect your parents and be good to them and fellow Muslims.
Muslims are brothers and they should feel pain and sorrows of each
other. The honour, property and blood of one Muslim is forbidden for
other Muslims,” he advised.

He said Muslims should never betray each other. Every Muslim
has a right over other Muslim. A Muslim, who betrays other Muslim,
does not belong to them, he added.

He said Muslim Ummah was facing problems and troubles, adding
Muslims should find solutions of those problems from Quran and
Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who was sent to the world as a
benefactor for the whole humanity.

Muslims should hold consultations and dialogue to overcome
their problems, he added.

He urged rulers of the Muslim countries to treat the public
with justice and fairness.

Muslims should respect each other and treat each other fairly,
he stressed.

He noted that Muslims could succeed in this life and hereafter
by following orders of Allah. Allah selected Islam as the religion
for Muslims and no religion was more truthful than it.

The Hujjaj (pilgrims) stayed on the plain of Arafat and offered prayers during the day. Later they boarded buses to arrive in Muzdalifah
as night fell.

Pilgrims will stay in Muzdalifah under the open sky till
morning and keep on praying.

Next day, on 10th Zilhaj, pilgrims will perform the ritual of
Rami of the three Jamarat stoning of the evil, shave their heads
and sacrifice animals in remembrance of sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim
(AS) and celebrate Eidul Azha.

Hajj is the ritual, in which Muslims follow in the footsteps of
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who performed the same rituals 1400 years ago.