BEIJING, Jan 3 (APP):Over 100 Chinese service members, participating in the “Warrior VII” China-Pakistan joint military drill, have returned to China.

The one-month joint field drill was held at the National Counter Terrorism Training Centre (NCTC) in Pabbi, Punjab Province, Pakistan, according to the Chinese media on Friday.

The Chinese and Pakistani troops completed 11 training subjects under two themes including individual skills and team tactics.

During the joint training exercise, the two sides focused on subjects such as counter-terrorism operations and target defense, and carried out intensive training on the organization and coordination, close combat skills, battlefield reconnaissance and maneuver penetration, in a bid to test the troops’ skills and tactics, and improve
the quality of military training and combat preparation.

“Through in-depth exchanges with the Pakistan Armed Forces and side-by-side practical training, the two sides learned from each other, jointly achieved improvements, and further enhanced their capabilities to respond to multiple security threats and perform diverse military tasks,” said Wang Tianmu, deputy commander of the Chinese participating unit.

Besides, they also focused on consolidating the traditional friendship between the two countries and the two militaries while upgrading their tactical skills.

The Pakistani side invited Chinese service members to visit the Aquatic Training Center. On the day of the winter solstice, they also held a collective birthday party for Chinese soldiers.

During their stay in Pakistan, representatives of the Chinese military personnel also visited the local school for military children, donated stationery and sports goods. They held sports competitions with their Pakistani counterparts during the training period.