Chinese telecom carrier helps bridge digital gap in Pakistan

Chinese telecom carrier helps bridge digital gap in Pakistan

BEIJING, July 9 (APP): In recent years, Pakistan has accelerated the construction of its mobile communication facilities, with companies like China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak) playing a significant role in the local market and network.

Companies in Pakistan are now looking to provide services to allow people from all over the world to work from their homes. With the advent of online services in recent years, the trend has been gaining traction and platforms like CMPak are playing a big role in realizing the dreams of young Pakistanis when it comes to jobs.

Since 2014, the company has been involved in the construction of 4G networks in Pakistan, with more than 14,000 4G base stations and the largest 4G network in the region.

Li Li, director of network planning at CMPak told CGTN that now the company is serving 44 million local customers, helping Pakistan eliminate the digital divide. People here can enjoy high-speed internet services anytime, anywhere.

To help local communities better bridge the digital gap and enable more people to find new opportunities in the digital age, the company is working to provide communication facilities and network services to more people in Pakistan.

They also offer technology solutions to provide free health promotion activities and online medical consultation to people in remote areas of Pakistan.

Li also said that CMPak is actively taking part in the Belt and Road Initiative and is providing communication services for 26 China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects and more than 200 Chinese-funded enterprises. It is undertaking the political, economic and social responsibility for promoting the development of China-Pakistan cooperation.

Currently, the development of the digital economy is bringing changes to all industries in Pakistan. In the future, CMPak will continue working closely with local industry partners to promote the digitalization of thousands of industries in Pakistan.

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