China-Pakistan welcome third party participation in CPEC development: Zhao Lijian

China ready to work with Pakistan to implement consensus reached between leadership: Zhao Lijian

BEIJING, Feb 11 (APP): China on Friday appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and said China and Pakistan would welcome all countries and international organizations to participate in the flagship project of Belt and Road Initiative on the basis of consensus.

“We appreciate the remarks made by Prime Minister Imran Khan”, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Zhao Lijian said during his regular briefing here on Friday.

He said, “China and Pakistan welcome all countries and international organizations that support the BRI or CPEC, conduct mutually beneficial cooperation and to seek common development to participate in CPEC development on the basis of consensus so as to sharing the benefits of the development”.

Zhao Lijian remarked that as an important pilot project of the BRI, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor or CPEC, upheld the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.

CPEC boosted economic development, improved people’s livelihood and generated positive socio-economic effects since its launch.

“China is ready to work with Pakistan to follow through the consensus reached by the two leaders, deepen CPEC development, ensures smooth implementation of major projects, expand cooperation in science and technology, agriculture and livelihood”, he said.

“We will build a corridor for a green development, health and digital economy and make CPEC a demonstration program of high quality development under the BRI”,

he added.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said in an recent interview with Li Shimo, director of the advisory committee of the China Institute at Fudan University, that China’s Belt and Road Initiative could help Pakistan lift its people out of poverty. “We see CPEC and Gwadar as a great opportunity for our geo-economics. I think this is not exclusive between Pakistan and China”, he noted.

The prime minister said, they invited any other country to join and invest in CPEC projects.

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