Non-issuance of degrees: Hundreds of QAU students’ future at stake

ISLAMABAD, Sep 02 (APP): Despite completion of their four-year course in 2014, future of hundreds of Quaid-i-Azam University’s students of Business Administration and Economics, hangs in balance due to management’s inability to issue degrees.

The university had launched undergraduate programs in Business Administration and Economics in 2010 and pioneer batches were issued Detailed Marks Certificates (DMC) in 2014 and were told to be awarded degrees within few months. But even after two years, their educational and professional advancement is in limbo for not having the most authentic and pre-requisite document (Degree).

“I have applied for foreign scholarships but I am afraid I will not be able to avail it because I don’t have pre-requisite documents to produce before the sponsors because of University management’s cold-hearted attitude on the issue,” a student Hussain complained while talking to APP on Friday.

“I am unable to start my financial career.I have applied for a government job but have been made clear to provide degree at the time of interview, otherwise, I will not be eligible for the post,” said Yasir another affectee.

He said he had also filed a suit before Federal Ombudsman against university’s “maladministration and indifferent attitude for playing with the future of hundreds of students.”

When contacted University’s Controller Examination Sardar Muhammad Babar said, “We have been working on this issue since last year. Approval of degrees’ design was a lengthy process that slowed down the whole procedure of issuing degrees.”

He said university remained in financial crisis as new blocks and hostels were built to accommodate BS students which left university with fewer resources at hand to order degrees’ printing in time. Affiliation of federal colleges with Quaid-i-Azam University was another reason that further delayed the process.

“The university in these financial circumstances managed to pay Rs 130 million to the Karachi Press in four installments.

We are confident that we will start awarding degrees in October this year.” Babar added.

Ahmad, a student who has completed his graduation, has different version, saying every time they are given three to four months’ timeline since 2014.

This is pertinent to mention here that almost six hundred students of BS programs’ three batches from 2014-2016 are waiting for the issuance of degrees to move ahead in their respective areas of interests in life.