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Rescue 1122 Abbottabad recovers 10 stranded tourist vehicles from Snow from Galyat

ABBOTTABAD, Feb 21 (APP):Rescue 1122 Abbottabad recovered 10 vehicles of tourists and locals who were trapped in snow at Toheedabad Galyat late Tuesday night.
During the three days long continuous heavy snowfall spell, Galyat and surrounding areas received up to 3 feet of snow which has blocked roads and communication links but still a large number of tourists reached in the region to enjoy the live snowfall.
According to the Rescue 1122 sources, tourists’ vehicles became stranded between Tohidabad and Kundala due to heavy snowfall in the region where Rescue 1122 teams arrived at the scene and initiated rescue operations to assist the stuck vehicles.
More than 10 vehicles were successfully pulled out from the snow-affected area, among those affected were tourists and locals who found themselves caught in the snow-covered roads.
Rescue 1122 facilitated the passenger vehicles in a convoy towards their intended destinations, ensuring their safety amidst challenging conditions. The attraction of snowfall in Galyat has fascinated a significant number of tourists to the region,
District administration and Rescue 1122 have warned citizens about the increased risk of sliding on snow-covered roads, they urged them to follow the guidelines while travelling in the hilly terrain.
Tourists have also been advised to promptly contact Rescue 1122 in case of emergencies, ensuring timely assistance during their visit.

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