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Foreign delegation visits Alhamra Art Museum

LAHORE, Jan 02 (APP): The Alhamra Art Museum, Cultural Complex Gaddafi Stadium, welcomed a distinguished foreign delegation including Mr. Eric Stobbaerts, Director of International Development from Geneva, Switzerland, along with Vanessa X and Thiband Duc from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who visited on Tuesday.
The delegation explored the Alhamra Art Museum, expressing admiration for the showcased artworks. Their appreciation marks a delightful moment of international cultural exchange.
The museum is preserving the illustrious legacy of Pakistan’s fine arts through masterpieces by globally acclaimed artists such as Ustad Allah Bukhsh, Sadequain, AR Chughtai, Anna Molka Ahmed, Shakir Ali, AJ Shemza, and others.
Executive Director, Alhamra Tariq Mehmood Chaudhry said, “Esteemed guests from around the world explore and appreciate our diverse artistic heritage and we are honored to host such distinguished delegations, fostering connections that transcend borders.”

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