Landmark social projects for 2017-18 announced

LAHORE, June 2 (APP): The Punjab government has planned to
start some new landmark projects of social welfare with a
huge allocation of Rs 635 billion for the Annual Development
Programme 2017-18.
As per budget documents, Khadim-e-Punjab Kissan package
with Rs 15 billion, Prime Minister’s SDGs Programme with
Rs 15 billion and SME Credit Scheme with Rs 3 billion will be
started for the people of the province.
Under the Regional Development Programme for less-developed
districts, Rs 5 billion has been allocated, assigning the highest
priority to the districts situated along the western route of
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), with an allocation of
one billion rupees.
In order to modernise police infrastructure and enhance its
capabilities, Punjab Safe City Project is being implemented with
Rs 50 billion allocation.
An amount of Rs 5 billion has been allocated for
educational scholarships for deserving and talented students.
Also, in collaboration with UNESCO, Rs 100 million has been
earmarked for science, education, technology and innovation.
For improvement of public school infrastructure, construction
of classrooms and provision of missing facilities, an allocation
of Rs 15 billion has been made.
For establishing state-of-the-art Punjab Agriculture,
Food and Drug Authority (PAFDA) Lab, an allocation of
Rs 2 billion has been made.
To protect the rights of women and manage operations of
Violence Against Women Centres (VAWC), funds have been
allocated for establishment of the Women Protection Authority.
An allocation of Rs 41 billion has been made for irrigation
sector development.
An amount of Rs 9 billion has been allocated for provision
of quality health services and revamping of all DHQ hospitals and
50 THQ hospitals in the province.
Allocation of Rs 25 billion has been made for provision
of clean drinking water under the Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Pani
Programme, while a comprehensive rural sanitation and solid waste
management programme is being launched with an allocation of
Rs 15 billion.