PESHAWAR, Jun 12 (APP):People from all walks of life including civil society, economics, education and political experts here Friday highly praised the second tax free budget 2020-21 of the PTI Government and termed it an inclusive in all respect with maximum relief provided to common man.
Terming the Federal Government budget 2020-21 comprehensive and goal-oriented, economic and business expert, Sumbul Riaz told APP that Prime Minister Imran Khan and his economic team deserve full credit and appreciation for presenting a tax free budget for fiscal year 2020-21 despite the massive economic losses due to coronavirus pandemic.
She said a huge amount of Rs1324 billion were proposed for development projects that would help expedite pace of economic development and provide quality infrastructure to people.
She said prices of daily use items mostly used by common people like tomatoes, pulses, petrol, diesel etc were decreased in the budget and maximum facilities were provided to the taxpayers to broaden tax base.
Misal Khan, a retired Information Officer has also highly praised the Federal Budget 2020-21 and termed it wide-ranging with maximum facilities to poor segment of the society were provided.
He said a huge amount of Rs10 billion were proposed for agriculture development and prevention of locusts in the country, saying locusts attacks has affected agriculture crops in different districts and allocation of such huge amount would help control its attacks.
He said Pakistan was a water stressed country largely depend on River Sindh water for irrigation of thousands acres lands in the provinces mostly in KP, Punjab Sindh and allocation of Rs70 billion for water resources in budget would help bolster agriculture productivity and strengthen food security.
He said livestock, horticulture and fruits sectors would also get upward boost.
Misal Khan said Pakistan was facing a massive challenge of COVID-19 since March that put extraordinary pressure on our hospitals and has appreciated allocation of Rs20 billion in the budget for health sector that would help provinces to counter the pandemic.
He said the country can not afford political instability, agitation and protests in the prevailing coronavirus situation and it would have been better if opposition listen to the budget speech with calm instead of raising placards that would pass a positive message of national unity and cohesion against coronavirus worldwide.
Professor Dr Muhamnad Naeem, teacher Riaz Khan and former Nazim, Bahadar Khan have also lauded the PTI Government budget and termed it the best budget in the prevailing difficult economic situation.
They said earmarking of Rs5 billion for education reforms, Rs2 billion for Kamayab Jawan Program and Rs1.5 billion for Naya Pakistan Housing Program would help generate employment opportunities and allievate poverty besides improve socioeconomic conditions of masses.
They said Pakistan was currently confronting to massive challenge of COVID-19 affected all segments of society, which could be countered through national unity.
The experts said it was the best budget announced by the present elected Government in the present difficult economic scenario where maximum relief were provided to almost all segments of the society.