Budget 2018-19 at a glance

ISLAMABAD, Apr 27 (APP):Minister for Finance, Miftah Ismail announced the national budget 2018-19 on Friday. Here are its features at a glance:
Receipts Expenditure
TAX REVENUE Rs4,888.6 billion A. CURRENT Rs4178.6 billion
FBR Taxes Rs4435.0 billion Interest Payment Rs1620.2 billion
Other Taxes Rs453.6 billion Pension Rs342.0 billion
NON-TAX REVENUE Rs771.9 billion Defence Affairs & Services Rs1100.3 billion
a)Gross Revenue Receipts Rs5660.5 billion Grants and Transfers Rs477.9 billion
b)Less Provincial Share Rs2590.1 billion Subsidies Rs174.7 billion
i)Net Revenue Receipts (a-b) Rs 3070.4 billion Running of Civil Govt. Rs463.4 billion
ii)Capital Receipts (Non-Bank) Rs532.8 billion
iii) External Receipts (net) Rs342.1 billion B. DEVELOPMENT Rs1067.6 billion
iv) Estimated Provincial Surplus Rs285.6 billion Federal PSDP Rs800.0 billion
v) Bank Borrowing Rs1015.3 billion Net Lending Rs87.4 billion
vi) Privatization Proceeds Rs0.0 billion Other Dev. Expenditure Rs180.2 billion
TOTAL RESOURCES (I TO VI) Rs5246.2 billion TOTAL EXPENDITURE (A+B) Rs5246.2 billion