Trails-3 attracts visitors of twins cities for its unique flora


ISLAMABAD, April 2 (APP): Trail-3 of Margallah Hills National Park has been the main attraction for large number of visitors from twins cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad due to its unique plants along the route as comapred to other Trails of the parks. With the advent of spring season, especilly March and April,  it is the time to enjoy Kachnar buds as vegetables as these would become beautiful white flowers at a later stage. Eventually,  it adds to natural beauty of the track. Hiking and towering the trail, vistors were seen busy in  plucking Kachnar buds of sizeable quanity as cooking stuff. A group of children, hailing from nearest villages were also seen collecting Kachnar buds for their families, besides  selling these at Rs 80 per Kg in different markets of federal  capital.