Nomad Gallery organizes art exhibition ‘Safar II –The Journey’


ISLAMABAD, Mar 7 (APP):Nomad Gallery organized art exhibition titled ‘Safar II-The Journey’ here at newly inaugurated space ‘The Farm’ at the edge of Bani Gala.
The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by a large number of people including Country Representative of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) Cesar Guddes.
With 82 artworks by 40 artists on display, the exhibition is an exploration of various artists styles, concepts, ideas and techniques.
The participating artists includes Abrar Ahmed, Ayesha Siddiqui, Asif Ahmad, Akram Dost Baloch, Ahmed Habib, Anjum Ayub, Asad ur Rehman, Iram Wani, Kamal Shahid, Kamal Hayat, M.A. Bhatti, Meher Afroz, Masood A. Khan, Mahmood Hyat, Mohsin Shafi, Masoma H Khwaja, Muniza Zafar,Mubashir Iqbal, Madiha Fasahat, Natasha Shoro, Nahid Raza, N.H Kazmi, Noor Jehan Bilgrami, Riffat Khattak, Samina Ali Akhtar, Syed Faraz Ali, Shahnaz Sheikh, Saadiya Hussain, Salma Manzoor, Samreen Asif, Sumera Jawad, Shirin Rasool, Shahzad Zar, Tayyaba Aziz and Ubaid Syed.
Exhibitions aimed to mark 34 years achievements of Nomad Art Gallery.
The exhibition Safar II is intended to give an idea of the 34 years journey that Nomad has completed successfully. The artist’ lineup is extremely impressive and as one walks into the space, one may recognize the works of many a legend.
It is quite interesting experience to see, study and compare such works alongside each other.
While the idea of Nomad’s journey being presented in a visual manner amounts to a curatorial concept, the execution of it was lacking in terms of an overall curatorial experience.
The show will continue till the March 22.