Exhibition: ‘Art, Culture and Heritage of Pakistan’ to be held on Wednesday


BEIJING (China), March 19 (APP): An exhibition titled ‘Art, Culture

and heritage of Pakistan’ will be held to celebrate 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence and the 66th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between Pakistan and China here on Wednesday.
The Embassy of Pakistan and China World Peace Foundation will jointly
organize the exhibition.
The exhibition showcases the art work of one of Pakistan’s most
accomplished artist, Jimmy Engineer who has 3000 paintings and more
than 1000 calligraphies to his name. Besides, 500,000 prints of his work
are in private collection in more than 60 countries around the world.
Jimmy Engineer’s art has been internationally acclaimed particularly
his depiction of Pakistan’s independence in 1947.
He has explored and introduced numerous textures in his works and the
amazing versatility is more than evident in his creations.
He is also a social worker and actively supports philanthropy by
working for the disabled and mentally impoverished people.
The art work includes around 100 paintings of Jimmy Engineer centered
on Pakistan’s history and its independence, rich architecture of Pakistan and its similarities with world architecture, landscape of Pakistan and peace and harmony.