Conflict among institutions always hurts country: PM

APP61-19 ISLAMABAD: February 19 - Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi addressing in National Assembly. APP

ISLAMABAD, Feb 19 (APP):Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Monday said with their jurisdictions predefined by the constitution, all the state pillars must perform within their parameters as any conflict among national institutions always hurt the country.
Addressing the National Assembly session chaired by Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, the prime minister quoted the media reports that the courts summoned the parliamentarians, labeled them as mafia, thieves or dacoits, and sometimes threatened to nullify the legislation made by them. “These are the media reports and I wish the same were wrong,” he remarked.
He questioned the members from both sides of the aisle if they had a right to legislate or needed any prior approval for it.
He said the constitution had defined the limits of all institutions and they would have to act within that purview else the country would suffer. It had been witnessed repeatedly that in case of any conflict, it was the country that suffered, he added.
“To avoid any conflict, the House should hold a debate. This is not a partisan debate. This is not a party’s debate. This is the House’s debate,” he added.
“As far as executive is concerned, government officers are summoned to court, insulted, policies are negated (and) people are ousted. How long this will continue. Who will bear its brunt? The country will suffer the loss,” the prime minister remarked.
“Today, for a government functionary, the easiest way is to make no decision or work. No one will question him. As you will carry out any work, it will bring insult to you tomorrow,” he remarked.
He said there must be a questioning but it must not hurt the country and also criticized the courts’ controversial decisions made in the past.
“These things need to be ascertained. This is not criticism against any institution. I am presenting facts before you” he said and urged the House to debate as to whether it had the right to legislate and the government had powers to make decisions and appointments.
The prime minister questioned whether it was a person’s liability if any of the House’s decisions proved wrong and had any negative impact.
He advised the Leader of the House not to make the issue a partisan as it was the parliament’s issue.
To another point, he said it was a moment of thought for the members that the parties with no member in a provincial assembly had fielded their candidates for Senate election and even some independents were also in the race.
“How will they be elected? These issues will not be resolved until the House debates. We have seen all such gimmicks in the past. We need to end this today,” he concluded.