“Snow leopard angry on Trump for withdrawing from climate change treaty”: Mushahid Ullah

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 25 (APP): Federal Minister for Climate Change
Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan representing Pakistan at snow Leopard
Summit in Kyrgyzstan and said “Snow leopard is angry at Donald Trump for
withdrawing from Climate Change treaty” while extempore to the Snow
leopard Summit.
He said “Trump withdrawal from Climate Change treaty is a direct
threat to the fragile habitat of this endangered species of Snow Leopard”
received a press release here on Friday.
He linked Trump’s withdrawal from Climate Change Treaty as a
direct threat to the fragile habitat of this endangered animal.
He said in his formal address that Snow leopard conservation efforts
in Pakistan date back to the early 70’s with the government endorsement of
provincial wildlife acts.
The efforts further picked up in 1990’s when the Snow Leopard Trust
initiated its interventions in the country. The Government of Pakistan
supported and endorsed the Snow Leopard Conservation Strategic Plan in
2007 as part of the implementation of the Snow Leopard Survival Strategy.
Since then many conservation organizations like WWF, IUCN, WCS,
and BWCDO started the implementation of the snow leopard conservation
agenda in the country by working with the local communities and
government departments.
The inception of the Snow Leopard Foundation in Pakistan in 2008
was a milestone that established a solid scientific entity dedicated to work on the snow leopard conservation with the cooperation of stakeholders including the academia, students, local communities and the provincial wildlife departments.
He further told the global gathering that Pakistan endorsed the Global
Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection by developing its National Snow
Leopard Ecosystem Protection Priorities and joined other range countries for
achieving the goal of “securing 20 landscapes by 2020”, three of which fall
in Pakistan.
He also highlighted some achievements made by government of
Pakistan for Snow Leopard Conservation efforts in Pakistan. Government of
Pakistan has allocated US $ 4.5 million under the Green Environment Fund-6
cycle for the implementation of National Snow Leopard Ecosystem Protection.
“We are expecting this project be initiated and operational in 2018.He
also highlighted Prime Minister’s Green Pakistan Programme”, he remarked.
He also said the Landscape Management Plan of the Karakoram-Pamir Landscape, which is the largest of the three-snow leopard landscape is in the final stage and shall be endorsed after review by the Global Snow Leopard Ecosystem Protection Secretariat.
He also highlighted efforts of government of Pakistan for youth
sensitization and curbing illegal trade.
The President of the Kyrgz Republic inaugurated the high level
meeting on August 25 at the presidential palace in Bishkek with ministers
and heads of 12 range countries.
Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan
was elected as chair of Global Snow leopard Forum in 2015.