Saad Rafique condemns terrorist incident in Bajur

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 11 (APP): Minister for Railways Khawaja
Saad Rafique Friday condemned the terrorist attack in Bajaur Agency
and reiterated the government’s resolve to eliminate the menace of
terrorism from the country.
Addressing the PML-N workers, who had gathered to welcome
former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Lahore-bound caravan at
Gujrat, he said that Pakistan Muslim league was determined to
fight till the logical end of the terrorism from the country.
He also expressed the sympathies with the family of a child
died in an accident in the rally, adding that our fellows had also
visited the bereaved family and expressed their sympathies with
He said the deceased was the first martyr of this struggle,
which was aiming to bring the supremacy of law and constitution and
justice for every one in the country.
The minister was of the view that an ordinary man could not get
justice from the courts by many years but the elected prime minister was
removed from his office in a day.
He said that former prime minister was not disqualified on any
corruption charges, but he was disqualified for not accepting the
salary from the company owned by his son.
He observed that today’s gathering proved that public would never
accept the insult of their vote and ouster of their elected
Saad Rafique said that Nawaz Sharif had brought billion
dollars China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects for the country
and installed the electricity plants to end the load shedding from
the country.
He said that multi-billion dollars deal was providing a
reasonable livelihood to educated, skilled and semi-skilled labor
Nawaz Sharif had built network of motorways, established
colleges, universities, hospitals and medical colleges for the
development and prosperity of the country.
He said that Nawaz Sharif wanted supremacy of law and
constitution adding every one should work in the domain of
law and constitution.
He said that with the support of the people, PML-N would
change the destiny of the country, which was the prime objective of
the this struggle.
The minister also reiterated that PML-N would contest the
election-2018 with an aim to upheld the supremacy of vote, law and