PTI committed to work for a better Pakistan


ISLAMABAD, Aug 15 (APP):Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Members National Assembly on Wednesday expressed their resolve to work for a better Pakistan through stregthening democratic system in close coordination with opposition.
Talking to State-run-media, PTI MNA Asad Qaiser thanked the opposition and parliamentarians for their support.
Asad Qaiser said the people have given a mandate to the PTI and it will work towards resolution of their problems.
His party wanted to establish a “working relationship” with other parties, and that the PTI wished to cooperate with other parties in order to counter challenges including the economic being faced by the country, he said.
He also mentioned that in new Pakistan we would strive to create a conducive environment in which everyone will have their rights according to law and merits in every department.
MNA Pervaiz Khattak PTI said “Qaiser is familiar with all parliamentary practices and traditions and has a working relation with opposition parties,”.
PTI members are committed with the Party Chief, Imran Khan for “Naya Pakistan”, he hoped that candidates of PTI will win today’s election of Speaker and the deputy speaker of the house.
PTI MNA Qasim Suri contesting for deputy speaker , said I have trust on Allah, Parliamentarians
His party enjoys majority in the house and he is confident of his victory in the elections.
He said they will put an end to issues such as poverty, disappearances and terrorism in Balochistan.
“I have my own identity while the others contesting candidates have strong political background”, he added.
MNA PTI, Farooq Azam said, continuity of democratic system in Pakistan will help remove sense of deprivation among smaller provinces in the country. “we will collectively work for a strong federation”, he added.
Fehmida Mirza appreciated the PTI for nominating candidates from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan for the slots of the speaker and the deputy speaker.
PTI MNA Fakhar Imam said , it is a democratic system and hoped the PTI is in a position to win a number of seats in Parliment.
It is a positive step towards new Pakistan , he added.
Farukh Habib MNA PTI said , PTI is confident of his victory in the election.A functional parliament is important for a strong democracy, he added.