President renews pledge to protect labourers’ rights

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ISLAMABAD, May 01 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain has said the Government is fully cognizant of the problems and needs of the workers community and utmost efforts are being made to protect their rights.
In a message on the Labour Day, the President said Pakistani labour is distinguished for its progressive approach and productivity.
“Economic progress and development witnessed by our country would not have been possible without relentless efforts of our vital labour force,” he added.
About significance of the Day, the President said Labour Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of working men and women who are an indispensable pillar of the country.
“They are an essential constituent of our thriving economy and therefore all necessary efforts are being made for providing them with better housing, medical and educational facilities,” he added.
The President further observed that the day symbolized the strength and character of the Pakistani workforce and its devotion and commitment towards making the country a prosperous and progressive nation in the world.
On the day, the President greeted the workers all across Pakistan and prayed for their future well-being and prosperity.
Remembering Chicago Martyrs on this day for their valiant struggle against oppression, exploitation and injustice, he also paid tribute to the labour community for its valuable contribution in nation building.
The President emphasised that through cooperation and support of all stakeholders, they could achieve a better standard of living for the working class and ensure environment of equal opportunity and rights
for all.
The world has become highly globalized, competitive and strongly interconnected, in which economic progress of any country required well-equipped workforce with necessary skills to compete with international counterparts, he noted.
The President said he was aware of the fact that a lot more needed to be done for the betterment of working community and the endeavour to provide due rights to all workers, required renewed focus and attention.