Imran Khan claims of having ability to pull Pakistan out of crises

APP69-19 LAHORE: July 19 - PTI Chairman addressing a public gathering at Thokar Chowk during election campaign. APP photo by Rana Imran


LAHORE, July 19 (APP)::Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman
Imran Khan claimed on Thursday that he had an ability to pull
the country out of crises.
Addressing public meetings here at Thokar Niaz Beg, Raiwind
and other places of the city, he assured the people that if
they elected the PTI to the government, the party would ensure
equality in society; strengthen the institutions; provide
safe drinking water across the country and better take care
of the minority communities of Pakistan by giving their due rights.
Imran Khan eulogized the role of young lot of the society in taking forward the PTI agenda by creating awareness and encouraging the general public to speak of their heart.
He advised the youth to continue with this spirit and prove your mettle on election day by defeating the looters and plunders of the country’s resources and hard-earned money of the people. “You have to decide and think upon, which one of the political leaders has the vision to change your fate and make your future bright,” he maintained.
There were two types of nations, he cited, the one got prosperous and happy and other got impoverished and faced with poverty, hunger, illiteracy and too many other problems, and it was just because of their respective leaderships and their visions.
The leadership of development and great nations always thought of its people and the country, while the leaders of undermined nations always watched their personal interest.
Imran Khan claimed that Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari ruled the country for three decades and instead of empowering their people, they made the people slave and misused the police for their personal interests.
“The entire police had been providing security to the past rulers but torture the people at large, implicate them into fake cases and grabbed their properties.”
The Sharif family had spent Rs 300 million of rupees of the public taxes on the security of its Jati Umra farm houses and used to run their home expenditure of Rs5.7 billion through national exchequer, he alleged.
The PTI chairman said that world history disclosed that success of any nation depended upon in the good governance, strengthening of institutions, speedy justice system, human resource development, improved healthcare, educational and other facilities to the people.
He promised that the PTI would curtail to zero the extra expenditures of President House and Prime Minister House, as well as streamline the bureaucracy and administration, and reform the policing system.
Giving details of the last KPK’s elected government, Imran Khan said that even though the entire KPK annual development budget was one-third of the development budget of Lahore alone, the PTI government had managed to increase the number of doctors in the province from 3600 to 9500, constructed 27 new hospitals, depoliticized the police, established 60 new colleges, 10 new universities, 300 new schools, installed 300 small hydel power projects across the provinces, issued health insurance card to the poor and brought the poverty graph from 30 per cent to 12 per cent.