Global competitiveness ranking improvement a great achievement: NAB Chairman

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ISLAMABAD, Feb 4 (APP): National Accountability Bureau (NAB)
Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry on Saturday it was a great achievement
for Pakistan that its global competitiveness ranking of World
Economic Forum for 2016 17 had improved from 126 to 122.
It was due to the NAB efforts. The hard work put in by all ranks
of NAB towards their national duty, particularly from the year 2014,
which was called a year of reinvigoration, “we have moved with
new zeal and effort,” he said in a meeting here with Mishal
Chief Executive Officer Amir Jehanghir.
Mishal is a partner institute of World Economic Forum.
They exchanged views on successful improving Pakistan’s
competitiveness on the Global index of the World Economic Forum from 126 to 122 for 2016 17, a NAB press release said.
The NAB Chairman said through detailed introspection and
analysis of organizational weaknesses, overhaul of procedures and business processes, all pillars of the organization operations, prosecution, human resource development, and awareness and prevention had been reactivated.
A number of strategic initiatives, he said, had been undertaken
aimed at rejuvenation of the organization.
He said that a Quantifiable Grading System (QGS) had been
introduced to monitor the performance of all regions.
He said NAB iwa also operating a fair and effective
internal accountability nanagement (IAM) system for its officers and staff. A web based monitoring & evaluation system (MES) had also been implemented.
Qamar said the work output of each and every investigation
officer was reflected on Executive Dash Board at all executive levels.
He said an effective accountability mechanism was
quintessential for economic growth, investment and stability of social order.
He viewed that the intervention by NAB had acted as
a catalyst as transparency was a prerequisite for promoting investment and economic growth.
Since its inception, he said, NAB had adopted the enforcement
based approach in its fight against corruption.
He said that on multilateral front, NAB initiated a dialogue
of the anti corruption authorities of the SAARC countries with a proposal to set up a SAARC Anti Corruption Forum.
NAB hosted the first meeting of its kind in Islamabad this
September where the heads of SAARC anti corruption authorities
agreed to the creation of the proposed forum, which was a major achievement both for the Bureau as well as the government, he added.
Pakistan, he said, had become the first chairman of SAARC Anti Corruption Forum.
The NAB Chairman said on bilateral cooperation, Pakistan had
signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with China to streamline and structure cooperation in the fields of anti corruption.
In the context of CPEC this cooperation would further boost
confidence in the projects undertaken, he added.
Another MoU, he said, was proposed to be signed with Malaysia.
The Chairman NAB said that NAB is committed to eradicate corruption but it can only be won with the support of all segments of society and cooperation.