ISLAMABAD, Sep 24 (APP):National Sports Federations (NSF) on Monday holding electronic gadgets responsible for the decline of the sports in the country said their excessive use must be barred as practiced in developed countries.
Talking to APP Alpine Club of Pakistan (ACP) Secretary Karrar Haidri said irrational and unwanted
use of mobiles, tablets etc at the training camps or during competitions was not allowing players to fully concentrate on their games. “The modern gadgets are also affecting the players’ health which results in their below par performance in national and international events,” he added.
Karrar said there was a need to educate players regarding the advantages and disadvantages of electronic gadgets besides introducing a policy guideline over their rational usage especially during the competitions.
Pakistan Boxing Federation, General Secretary, Lt. Col. Muhammad Nasir Ijaz Tung, said it was essential to take up the issue in the early ages of a child during schools and colleges and engage them in physical sports.
Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation, President Sheikh Farooq Iqbal, suggesting a complete ban said “Electronic gadgets must not be allowed at sports grounds, schools and colleges during sports activities.
Pakistan Cycling Federation (PCF) Secretary Syed Azhar Ali Shah said every technology has a positive and negative impact. “But unfortunately our youth has taken all the negative impacts from electronic gadgets. They use it in their free time instead of going to grounds and play,” he added.
Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) Secretary Shahbaz Ahmad Sr said “The government must take such steps to attract youth more toward sports. For the purpose more and more new play grounds were needed in every nook and cranny of the country, he added.
Pakistan Kabaddi Federation (PKF) Secretary, Muhammad Sarwar said players during training sessions were giving more time to electronic devices which was affecting their performance in the events. “Players when they get a break from work-out start using mobiles, tablets etc instead of having rest which is destroying their physical health,” he remarked.
Former Squash legend Qamar Zaman said, “For a crying baby the parents has a mobile as a remedy to quit which was a negative approach. “Parents proactive role to provide their children due time and create awareness on the importance of physical sports was imperative and they must have to take responsibility, “he added.
He said we used to practice 8 to 10 hours a day in courts but today’s sportsmen are more attracted towards electronic gadgets even till late night, a time that is meant for their rest and rehabilitation .
Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Director media Shahid Khokar said educational institutions were also damaging sports. Majority of the schools don’t have proper space or sports activities to involve youth in healthy physical exercise. Icing on the cake when a child gets back from school he or she is engaged in tuition.
Pakistan Federation Baseball (PFB) Secretary Sheikh Mazhar Ahmed said sports must be made mandatory at school levels both at private and public schools and the must be held accountable for not making it a part of curriculum.